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Romy Janssen developing her unique sound

Intensely driven by music from an early age made it for Romy Janssen clear that music would become her bible. Her devotion to house music ignited in 2018, when she collected her first international bookings. Romy Janssen’s highly energetic stage performance and solid skills behind the decks captivate her audience every single time. Her signature sound is a mix of Afro House and Tech ...read more

It`s Rawley time!

For sure you know him already, this 90s kid is a real influencer online. Always joking around, it`s so much fun to watch him. Don`t be fooled Rawley is kicking ass in de electronic scene therefore we are more than happy to give you our new episode "Wohnstuben vibez:

Check out his @detroitnitz ore one of his recent releases like "worst love"

More about Rawley:
...read more

Techno vibes from the east

This week we have a very special guest for you! BB Deng, the first female DJ from China being interviewed by the BBC. Her engagement for inspiring woman in China to become an electronic artist is amazing! In 2008 she opened her own club "The Boat" in Beijing and organized countless other events. Now she lives in Berlin, is signed by China`s biggest music label "ModernSky" and has gigs ...read more


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Door number 55

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Tanzamt! Live @ Amsterdam Club NL (26-07-15 Pheronome Nights)

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