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Friends at night

Today we introduce to you Irradiax from the South of the Netherlands.

He`s polished his sound for 7 years, electronic record producer and DJ "Chander Sjauw", began a new chapter of his music career under his brand new stage name: "Irradiax".

The up and coming artist has proven to produce a significantly impressive Debut Album, and is very passionate to continuously ...read more

Today we celebrate friendship

Today we celebrate friendship.. #musicwithamessage

Listen set here

This saturday we are releasing a new Tanzbeamte Podcast made by our friend Rene R. We know him since the start of our project, as a member of our community you could say h ...read more

Sounds from Pakistan by Abeer

This saturday we are releasing a new Tanzbeamte Podcast made by our friend and DJ Abeer from Pakistan. As a sound engineer he knows how to create something unique! Have fun with this week`s episode by Abeer!

Listen here

You can find more of Abeer here:
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